Final Daily Declaration… Forward


(Written by Brian Schuster.)

Second Samuel is a man’s book. It’s full of blood and guts and honour and killing that dude because he killed my younger brother and I have to avenge his death. It’s really cool. After king Saul dies, Abner, the commander of his army does some political gymnastics to strengthen his position. No one messes with Abner. On the other side you have Joab, the commander of David’s army. Two mighty warriors, probably big and ugly, but respected. I love the short stories, the exploits of King David of the older testament. He pushed the boundaries. he introduced a new form of worship to Israel. He took territory, he moved forward, onward and did mighty exploits.
Who doesn’t love a hero?

David becomes king of Judah and 7 years later becomes king over Israel too. And then he conquers Jerusalem. I love the detail of the story. The thinking, the planning, the options, the strategies, the tactics. And then the execution.

In all of David’s battles I see Strategic and Tactical intent. Although he lived in Hebron for some years, his plan was always to take Jerusalem. He was always moving forward. He always saw the bigger picture.
I love the way he asks God what he should do, or if he should attack. On one occasion God tells him to flank left and right and then attack. On another God says he should wait until he hears the rustling in the trees. On another God helps him draw the enemy out of their city and then David attacks from the rear.
When taking Jerusalem a frontal attack would mean suicide, so they sneak up the water shaft and capture the city. Then he thinks. He ponders. He plans. He looks forward; and builds up the area around the city. He fortifies it.
From Jerusalem he plans further battles, he ‘brings together out of Israel chosen men …’ to form a SWAT team to attack the King of Hiram or to bring up the ark of the covenant. He was always thinking, scheming, planning and looking forward all the while, and here’s the key, “enquiring of the Lord.”

How much forward thinking have you done for 2014? What’s your plan? Will you simply stumble into 2nd year at Varsity? Will you reluctantly go back to the office on January 6th? Work is not simply there to pay the bills. Believe it or not, but work is the very life blood of our existence. Working hard and smart is so important it’ll blow your mind when you fully grasp it. So what’s your plan?

Well, I’ve overheard the ‘corridor convos’ and the secret pondering from the Urban Life ‘war room’ looking forward, planning and strategising for 2014. Our kick off series …… “Vintage Plans.” How and what will you plan, process and produce in 2014?

Don’t panic, we will wait for you to get back. But hurry.

SWAT team Alpha Victor Zulu will begin the attack at 19 hundred on Friday 17th. Co-ordinates S 25′ 58.175 and E 028′ 04.696. Spotters to wear Night Vision. A simultaneous assault is planned in the “Valley of Olieven” and to take out the “Centurion” at 09 hundred on Sunday 19th. Ok gentlemen … synchronise your watches. Lock and Load…… Let’s go and kick some Philistine butt.

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