What can surfing teach us?

Learn to Surf…

(Written by Peter Bremner. Peter and his wife, Jenni, attend ULC Centurion. They are pillars in the House!)

I was sitting on the beach, watching the rise and fall of the ocean breaking on the shore. I saw a parable in the waves that were before me. And i really feel it is an encouragement for all of us this year.

Some waves build to be great walls of water … and as they crest and come breaking down on you – life can seem overwhelming. You may feel in these times like you are washed away, drowning, lost!

Other waves, as they rise and break, may be filled with great expectation or excitement of things hoped for or worked toward.

As they rise and build up there is hope filled with expectations. When they break, they may leave you feeling invincible – life may be awash with pleasure and full of bubbly frothy joys. Or They may be a disappointment to you as they bubble out to nothing when you had hopes for so much more.

The bible tells us to expect these seasons (waves) and to revel in them. To live lives that are aware of the build up of high tides and the draining of low tides.

It also tells us that the only way to keep a level head in these times is to place our whole being in Christ. This is so that we are not tossed to and fro by the waves and lose hope.

By placing our trust, plans, and all our expectations in Christ we can learn to live for him & not for ourselves (we have so many selfish desires).

By doing so, we become secure individuals, sure footed and filled with a perspective that we can only get when in Christ.

On our own as we bob up and down in the waves the only perspective we have is the next wave. In Christ we get to see the beauty of the panorama of life that is before us.

I felt God remind me that with Christ as our foundation we have both a life raft in the difficult waves, and a surfboard for the good ones. Learn to keep your head above water and when a good wave comes you will be able to ride it far – using the momentum to reach further than you ever could have got on your own.

It’s not an instantly refreshing or quickly gratifying thing, learning to stay securely on the board. It can rub you in areas until you are sore and often will give you a face full of sandy salty water.

But in the end a secure footing means a great ride on the good waves.

So be encouraged to ‘learn to surf’ through life towards Christ’s intended Goals and aspirations for you – he did after all create you and holds the key to your life’s purpose.

I felt for me and others that the time ahead in 2014 could be looked at or looked back on as swells that came to capsize or swells to ride to greater capacity and maturity. We have been watching many recently ride the recent waves with such success and pleasure that it got us onto the board again ourselves eager to Catch our waves – even if it was just for the thrill of it.

In 2014 I am encouraged to make a conscious effort to see the upcoming swells as exciting, good & filled with possibilities for added momentum. I want to encourage all to ‘Ride your hearts out’ and to ‘Keep kingdom perspective’ not a one wave perspective

Learn to surf….

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