Anticipation for Fast Track 2015

As we prepare for Fast Track 2015, the time of communal fasting that has been set aside in the first ten days of February, I am excited at the prospects of devoting some time to seeking God through prayer and fasting. I recall listening to a message by Craig Clark some years ago where he told the Bible story of how Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to let the true God make Himself known by sending fire to consume a sacrifice that each side would have prepared. The prophets of Baal went first and hours of prayer later – their god had not sent fire. When it was Elijah’s turn he prepared his alter and sacrifice and in addition to that he built a trench around the entire structure. He poured water on the sacrifice – so much water that it ran down and filled the trench. Elijah then prayed to God asking him to send the fire.

God then sent a fire that consumed everything – the sacrifice as well as the water in the trenches. In his message, Craig equated the act of fasting to an act of faith similar to digging the trenches. He explained that by fasting as with digging the trenches, it makes room for God to fill us with his presence and to go beyond our own expectations. Coupled with the act of faith, Elijah prayed earnestly for God to send the fire and reveal Himself to the worshippers of Baal as indeed being the only true God.

This message came at a time when we were fasting in February and the fasting was coupled with a weekly meeting to pray as a community of believers (affectionately known as WWE). The atmosphere was charged with expectancy as we came together and prayed for the things that we were trusting God for in our personal lives and in our church community. It was a time where we stirred up each other’s faith as we lifted our voices as one. It was a time where we agreed with each other believing that it would be done as the Word of God says. We trusted that as the Word of God says, where two or three are gathered there He is and indeed His presence was tangible. After each meeting, as we parted ways, I always felt fuelled and encouraged to continue with the fast, digging the trenches to make room for God.

It has been a few years since and WWE prayer nights have since evolved to Prayer Blasts. As I greatly anticipate the first week of February with the start of Fast Track 2015 and a prayer blast on Wednesday night, I look forward to yet another moment to pray and seek God with others. Like-minded people, digging trenches in faith, seeking God and together trusting God for breakthroughs like the fire he sent when Elijah prayed. So come, come and let us stir up our faith together, let us gather and agree together and let us leave ignited and fired up to step out in faith as we fast.

Author: Sarah Makumbe

Originally from Zimbabwe, Sarah Makumbe is a member of Urban Life Thatchfield where she is very involved in and passionate about children's ministry. She works as a Chemical Engineer and she is married to Blessing Makumbe.

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