Easter: Captivated by His Love

It’s around this time every year when children get almost as excited as they do on Christmas. Easter bunnies are everywhere; children are hunting and scurrying around in search of chocolate eggs.  The excitement and hype allows many a family to make up for time lost in the rat race of life.  On the other hand, the long weekends have entrepreneurs moaning as trading slows down immensely.  These and many more are the jaded responses to a historic event that rocked the world and changed calendars across the planet.  The most intense, glorious and powerful display of love that the human race has ever and will ever know – Easter.

A far cry from the bunnies and bright colours, it’s not only the most beautiful event to grace our world throughout the ages, but also the bloodiest and goriest act ever witnessed by mankind.  Its a moment that would make the most hardened criminal cringe – the moment that split a temple in two, caused a massive earthquake and hid the sun – Jesus Christ hanging on the cross.  The reason?

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever believed in Him would gain eternal life!”  (Romans 3:16).

God’s love is so unbelievably powerful that he reached across time and space, squeezing himself into a human body, limiting himself to such a degree that He even willingly died at the hands of his own creation.

This Easter we are exploring the very first murder of an innocent man –the first born son of Adam and Eve – Cain murdering his younger bother Abel.  Abel’s blood cried out and has become a symbol for innocents who have met their untimely death at the hand of another.  After all the wars and destruction we have witnessed, the question remains: how did the murderous chaos all begin?  Centuries later, which for us is centuries ago, another innocent was murdered and blood flowed, yet this time it would not only cry out for the innocents, but would in a scandalous way actually cover the guilty. This was an act so generous and so gracious that it echoes into our lives even today and cries a better way for us all – innocent and guilty alike.

We are also exploring how this incredible act of love not only speaks for us, but invites us into a bond so beautiful and a fellowship so divine that it would be as if a lame crippled beggar was invited to the table of King of a great empire and accepted as an equal – again scandalous on another level.

What do we do with that?  Respond with skepticism?  Join with millions of believers across the planet in grateful celebration?  Explore and discover the truth for ourselves?  It’s not the prettiest event ever, but I do believe that it is worth a proper look.

Why not join us this Easter for Good Friday and Easter Sunday to see for yourself the full reality that will leave you with a few thought provoking questions?  Search for yourself and don’t just take a surface look at what could be the most amazing and life-changing experience ever.

Easter Meeting Times


Friday 3 April 2015: 17:30 & 19:30

Sunday 5 April 2015: 9:00


Friday 3 April 2015: 19:30

Sunday 5 April 2015: 9:00


Sunday 5 April 2015: 10:00

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Author: Jono Wegerle

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