Uplifting Nepal

“They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities
destroyed long ago. They will revive them…”
Isaiah 61:4

The Earthquake brought darkness

On the 25th of April, the people of Nepal were shaken to their very core when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8Mw hit the cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu. This was followed by a great aftershock in May – raising the death toll to more than 8,000 and injuries to more than 17,000 people. The United Nations estimates that the earthquakes have affected 8 million people and that 2.8 million Nepalese have been displaced.

It is a dark time for the people of Nepal, but it’s in this very darkness that the Church has an opportunity to be who she was destined to be: a light-bearer. We carry the hope of an unshakable God in us!

We want to be a light for the people in Nepal

So what does this mean for the community of Urban Life – all the way down at the bottom end of of Africa? Well … every year we set aside June to give, over and above our usual giving, for the advancement of the Kingdom – whether it be building facilities or church equipment. This year however, we feel led by God to turn Generous June on it’s head and sow into Nepal.

Through a longstanding friendship and partnership with a church in Doha, Qatar – an opportunity has opened up for Urban Life to partner in rebuilding homes for families in Nepal. We feel stirred by God not only to give money but also to send teams of people to help rebuild homes in the villages throughout the year.

How are we planning to make this work?

The immediate plan is to get temporary shelters in place before the monsoon season starts (June to September). These temporary structures will act as adequate protection from the monsoon rains until permanent structures can be constructed. Teams will then build permanent structures that can house a family of 4-5 for 20-30 years. The temporary structures can then be used for farming livestock.

We are trusting that as a community we can give R600 000 in Generous June for the following:

30 Temporary shelters at R1 200 each = R36 000
30 Permanent Shelters at R12 000 each = R360 000
Travelling costs (sponsoring teams) = R200 000


nepal pics

Global partnerships like this are a big part of the DNA of Urban Life – from building roofs in Malawi to taking food into Zimbabwe – God has sent us out on many adventures where have added value in the nations but most importantly have expanded our hearts for His Kingdom! We are not so much giving to bricks and mortar as we are to building into people. Investing into people is eternal.

Here’s how you can help right away:

• Ask God how much you should give
• Ask God if He wants you to go

For more information or to get involved you can contact us on or click the button below:

Sign up now

Urban Life Church
Standard Bank Centurion (Branch Code: 012645)
Honour for the House – Nepal: 20 245 5645
Please reference any EFT with “NEPAL”

Author: Catherine Van Zyl

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