3Seven: Pray, Promise, Persevere

There are many great and wonderful promises that God has given to us as a Church, and if you are an Urban Lifer, you get to enjoy these promises and blessings too!

To take a hold of the promises of God, the Israelites had to encircle the Jericho with faith for seven days until the walls came crashing down (Heb 11:30). Just like them we want to be a people who encircle the promises of God with prayers of faith.

Because our words create our world, we were inspired to craft a prayer of belief based on the promises of God to Urban Life. In this prayer – which we are calling 3Seven – are some of the things we are being lead to trust God for in this season ahead.

Why don’t you download and print a copy of this 3Seven prayer below and pray it for just 3 minutes, 7 days a week. That may not sound like much but that is equal to a powerful 90 minutes in a month! Can you imagine the power of us all praying this together in unity? Let’s pray until we start to see the promises of God fulfilled – for us and for those who have not yet encountered Jesus.


We are depending on and trusting God for . . . .


  • A massive turning to God and a returning to church of those who have moved far from Him.
  • A greater passion to rise within ULC to invite those far from God to encounter the abundant life of Christ. And by inviting and investing in people, God will fill our buildings and meetings to be overflowing with people.
  • The powerful and tangible presence of Almighty God will be in our gatherings as we worship, serve, minister and give sacrificially.
  • Anointed, streetwise and Spirit empowered preaching of the Gospel that stirs faith in people to call on the name of the Lord and thousands would get born again, baptised and filled with Holy Fire.
  • Christ our Great Shepherd would lead us to springs of living water and we would grow in love, wisdom, stature and in favour with both God and man, while servingour Saviour and one another.
  • More than enough finances! That out of a response of what Christ has done and given, we would be faithful tithers, generous givers and be a blessing to many.
  • Fruitful disciples who make disciples as we all follow Jesus on a transformational journey, multiplying maturity and building the community.
  • Leaders of capacity, gifting and Godly character to rise up and take their rightful place in the Kingdom, Mighty men and women doing great and mighty things for their King.
  • The eyes of our hearts to be opened and through faith to see the mighty power of God ready to do bigger and greater things, for the best is yet to come.
  • A new language where our words create new worlds. A language of faith, encouragement, honour and progressive enlargement.
  • A greater momentum as we align and abandon ourselves to what God is doing amongst us for there is more than before.
  • An unbridled creativity to be stirred so that we can harness the God-given gifts in the church that honour God and inspire people to become sign posts of the future!
  • A people motivated by the Gospel, who add value and bring generous justice to our city by being to others what God has been to us and that we will measure God’s compassion by the cross and His power by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • More churches to be planted both here and in the nations – Ten churches in ten cities in ten nations.
  • God to be glorified in everything, Jesus to be the centre of everything and the Holy Spirit to be honored in everything.
  • The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit to be with ULC.


Download the Prayer
* Crafted Prayer
Simply put, crafted prayers are petitions that have been intentionally constructed to help us pray according to God’s Word, to pray according to His will and pray prophetically. If we are praying God’s will we know that we can expect to see God answer our prayers. We don’t pray for an answer but pray with an answer. They are prayers that can help us grow in our faith (faith comes from hearing God’s word- Romans 10:17) and to persevere in prayer until we see something happen!

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