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17 December 2015

FAST TRACK – NEW BEGINNINGS  Every year, we as Urban Lifers, pray & fast together in February. These times have been impactful and we have seen God do significant things in individuals and in the church community when we have…


Cycling (and Waxing) for a Cause!

20 November 2015

SO… what exactly IS a Waxathon?? You need: Three guys Easy-to-hand-out wax strips A public place with eager “wannabe” wax experts A GREAT cause For this year’s 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge, over 33,000 cyclists raced, and many raced for their cause….


“The Point” to “Love Urban Life”

1 October 2015

Urban Life Church’s Annual event called “The Point” has had a complete revamp and will now be called: “Love Urban Life“. Apart from a name change, we are also planning a much bigger and better event than EVER before! We are inviting the the…


Four Questions about Sex and a Sex Series

8 September 2015

Our new preaching series around the subject of sexuality has been the topic of much discussion and quite a few interesting questions. This series is based on a preaching series done by NewSpring Church and their leader Perry Noble wrote this fantastic blog…


3Seven: Pray, Promise, Persevere

28 August 2015

There are many great and wonderful promises that God has given to us as a Church, and if you are an Urban Lifer, you get to enjoy these promises and blessings too! To take a hold of the promises of…

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Ruins Come To Life

24 June 2015

This year marks our third Extravagant Thanksgiving – an evening of extravagant & creative celebration! What makes this such a special night in the calendar is that it’s one of the few times in the year Urban Lifers from across…


Uplifting Nepal

18 June 2015

“They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago. They will revive them…” Isaiah 61:4 The Earthquake brought darkness On the 25th of April, the people of Nepal were shaken to their very core when an earthquake with…

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Adding Value One Click At a Time

12 June 2015

Volunteers from Urban Life Church are working hard in the heart of Olievenhoutbosch on Saturday afternoons, to add value and to restore justice. Generous justice can take on many different forms and in this case it happens to be in…


Generous June

30 May 2015

At Urban Life we believe that as Christ-Followers, we have a responsibility toward the poor, those in need and the defenceless. We have a God-given responsibility to add value to the world and to be generous in bringing justice to our…


Riding for Change

30 April 2015

Every year a team of dedicated, brave and passionate people get on their bicycles and ride the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge. They ride to see future generations raised up and invested in. They ride to add value to their city….