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Big Rocks 2016

12 January 2016

We know that life can get busy really quickly so we want to help you plan ahead for some of Urban Life’s Big events of 2016. These planned dates have been put in the year to help us grow as a community, to…


2015 Calendar

15 January 2015

We are geared up for a fantastic 2015 so we’ve put together this handy calendar to help you remember the Urban Life “Big Rocks”. These are exciting events that we want you, your family and friends to be a part…


Fast Track 2015

5 January 2015

We are a people symbolic of things to come,  Setting our gaze to the better days ahead Aligning our hearts to the great and glorious call of God, To be an outpost of grace in the city, passionate about reaching…


Next Step – What must I do?

2 January 2015

In the book 1 of our 1 to 1 series, “WHAT DID JESUS DO?” we took an introductory look at all that Jesus has done because of His great love for us: He paid the debt of our sin so…


Next Step – What did Jesus do?

2 January 2015

What did Jesus do and why does it matter to you? Whether you have become a Christ follower or whether you are just investigating the claims of Christ, our hope is that this booklet will help you make a start in answering this important…