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Big Rocks 2016

12 January 2016

We know that life can get busy really quickly so we want to help you plan ahead for some of Urban Life’s Big events of 2016. These planned dates have been put in the year to help us grow as a community, to…


Cycling (and Waxing) for a Cause!

20 November 2015

SO… what exactly IS a Waxathon?? You need: Three guys Easy-to-hand-out wax strips A public place with eager “wannabe” wax experts A GREAT cause For this year’s 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge, over 33,000 cyclists raced, and many raced for their cause….


Sex Series

25 September 2015

Sex is everywhere: in magazines, on TV and on social media. Our culture loves talking about it. God created sex as a gift, but how is it possible to see sex as a blessing when there is so much hurt…


New series coming in July: RE:TURN

12 June 2015

No matter how far you have walked or wandered from God or the church you can always come back. Join us this July for a great comeback story in our series RE:TURN  3 & 5 July:  Inheritance – “There is a…


Download “Blood that speaks” (Easter Song)

9 April 2015

As promised, we have made our Easter song “Blood that Speaks” by Kirsten van den Berg available to you for FREE download! Click on the button below to listen to the song now! (Right-click on this new window and “save as” to…


Prayer Blast March is happening the 4th of March

4 March 2015

The monthly Prayer Blast for March is happening on Wednesday the 4th of March. If you miss this one, the next one will be on the 1st of April.