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How many times have we tuned a voice out? The mouth is moving but the words are those we have heard over and over ……and over again! (eye-roll)

The tragedy of this – could I call it – HABIT, is that we may miss something important, something vital, something that could alter our life course!

Ever done that with the “parental unit”? The mom always saying as we leave the door “No drinking, no drugging, no smoking…” The dad having THAT chat – again?


When we feel like that, and it could be now as we go through Proverbs, perhaps we should try and break that habit.


For me, Proverbs 5 is a continuation of a father’s teaching.Things that seem to have been said before, and will probably be said again, BUT, a teaching that we should hold dear to our hearts. And, just like Proverbs 2 has already said (eye roll),  tuck it away in our hearts, live by it and teach it to the next generation.


This snippet of wisdom in Proverbs 5 – no sexting, no porning, no lusting – lets us know what could be waiting for us if we don’t listen to our Father’s teaching. It’s up to us to choose our path in life but we have been warned by someone who cares, our wonderfully kind and loving heavenly Father. He is looking out for us…. no matter how old we are. – Kevin Clark


#nonetflixanchill – “For God sees everything you do and his eyes are wide open as he observes every single habit you have” ~Rebeca Clark


If you can’t say no, don’t go!

Avoid situations, people, conversations, websites or social media platforms which will lead you down the wrong path! ~Marc Dewrance


Gods boundaries are blessings not burdens

Amy Nicholson

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  • Leslie Groenewald says:

    Be aware of what God had given you. Enjoy what had been placed on your table.

  • Oyedeji Amao says:

    I like Marc’s paragraph of if you can’t say no, don’t go. It applies to all teenagers and adults

  • Lee-Ann says:

    Love what Kevin says, I can even see me as a teenager rolling my eyes 😉 And now that I have children of my own, it is only now that I realise my parents really did only want what’s best for me, it wasn’t them just laying down a bunch of silly rules that came out of thin air. They new the dangers out there and only wanted to protect me from it, just like God does for all of us! Trust in God!

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