Meat and Flame Enthusiasts


The title of today is stolen from an upmarket restaurant found in the Johannesburg suburb of Rosebank – MARBLE.


The best birthday gift Craig received this year was a voucher for Marble! What a wonderful invitation to prepare for a gastronomic feast!

I am already planning my outfit, thinking of all the things that I want to eat, and, who should we invite to come with us!


I wonder if I would be as excited if someone had given him a voucher for a common fast food joint……?


Proverbs 9 is a brilliant literary masterpiece!

The writer contrasts 2 invitations to choose from (vs 1-6 and vs 13-18).

Wisdom’s house and Foolish’s house.


Where do I want to get my sustenance from, where do I want to spend my time eating?

  • From Wisdom’s place – a palace – roomy, planned, a kitchen, a dining room…


  • From Foolish’s place – a Throne – seating for one only, breezy, up high…?


  • Wisdom’s place is secure, built on 7 pillars OR Foolish’s restless place?


  • Wisdom has prepared a banquet feast, wine, the table is set ready and waiting OR do I want to go to Foolish who has not prepared anything to really live on, no sustenance, just illicit sex?


  • Wisdom invites all but Foolish only invites those who are easily led astray – should I be thinking who my life companions are going be?


  • Wisdom’s results from her invitation are great – you will find righteousness, wisdom, long life, every year more fruitful than the one before – living-understanding (vs 6-12).
  • Foolish does not have such a good track record – “all her guests soon become citizens of hell” (vs 18).


We can choose.


This proverb speaks so clearly of the good news of Jesus Christ – ALL can come to His table to eat. The table has the sacrifice of Jesus, the wine of the Holy Spirit – “Come and dine at my table and drink of my wine.” (vs 5).

Right standing before God is a gift to take home, life in abundance is ours because of the sacrifice of Jesus.


Let’s be discerning eaters – “meat and flame enthusiasts” not “quick fix burger munchers” – choose life – choose WISDOM (whose name is JESUS).

Andy Clark

PS I am SO looking forward to my Marble experience!

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