Champions and Kings

As I was preparing for the annual ladies event I was getting into my usual state of panic about how to inspire, breathe courage and life into the women when Craig burst into the room with a bit of revelation that God had shown him (“Oh God, give ME the revelation not him. I need it more” was my first grumpy response!).
Craig’s revelation came from Prov 12:4 “The integrity and strength of a virtuous wife transforms her husband into an honoured king.”
Craig told me what God had said which made me go and look at that verse in the hope that God would reveal something to me as well.

What I did find or what was revealed to me was the footnote!

Footnotes are those extra writings under the line at the bottom of the page that explain the verses above the line!

I love the footnotes in the Passion translation:
The word wife here in Prov 12, is an amazing Hebrew word, chayil, that is commonly used to describe warriors, champions, and mighty ones.
The meaning of the word chayil is better translated “an army that is wealthy, strong, mighty, powerful, with substance, valiant, virtuous, or worthy.”

Wow….. women, all women, let’s rise up to be those type of women that God has destined us to be – all those good strong, lovely words!
And, those of us who are married, will transform our husbands into kingly figures in our worlds! So good!
God’s word breathes courage and life into us.
Be inspired today.


Andy Clark

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  • Steven Smith says:

    What is a King without his army? Who will keep him strong? It is incredible how a mans heart will soar, how he can confidently rise and lead well with a wife who stands by him.
    This is true in my life.
    On the other hand, have you ever seen a man where his wife is not of good virtue? A partner that loves the bottle, has a filthy mouth, gossips, complains, wastes money… I can tell you now that he walks around with a broken heart, he is exhausted and feels drained.
    A good wife can transform a family. She can lift her husband to be a strong leader of the home.

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