I have an embarrassing, well kept (I think) secret…..

I buy the You magazine.

There – it’s out! Not every week, not even every month but I buy it. I hide it in the cupboard when guests come over. I know it’s a waste of money. I know it’s not exactly a fountain of wisdom and correct news. I know it’s got photoshopped models. I know it tries to make me spend more money on things I don’t need.

So, why do I buy it?


I enjoy stimulating my brain with crosswords, I use my cognitive skills to relax!


Today, I have a couple of crossword clues for you to figure out –

  1. Ruins the testimony of a wise man (5)
  2. Sharp and cutting words (7) see TPT footnote
  3. To mock a Father’s instruction (6)
  4. Antidote for weak and depressed (6,8)
  5. Fruit from the tree of life (7,5)


In this age of rage Proverbs 15 speaks deeply into cross words…

How do we parent our children? Is it with a 9 letter word – s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g?

What is our response when others are angry and confront us? M-a-d?

Is negativity and unhealthy, mocking words part of our everyday speech? U-n-w-i-s-e


Proverbs 15 speaks of words that heal, words that defuse anger, words that bring revelation-truth, thinking words, refreshing and strengthening words.

What and how we say things are of vital importance to God. James, who wrote a book in the new testament, wrote about the tongue and what a powerful weapon it is. It is a weapon that all of us have and we choose whether we use it for good or for harm.


Side note – Perhaps our real problem is not controlling our tongue but taking control of our hearts….

So, my little crossword puzzle has some answers… can find them in The Passion Translation Proverbs 15 verses 1,4,5,15!

Happy crosswording! But no cross wording!


Kind words are always the right kind!

Andy Clark

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  • Makopano Mutloatse says:

    Amen. We know how good kind words feel, how timely is graciousness and forgiving words, when we’re on the receiving end. But so often when we’re hurt, offended, misunderstood, wronged, we are the first to lash back. In my pride, I defend myself with harsh words for others, or at least harsh thoughts. It feels like being right, clearing my name, is theit most important thing of all. Kind words are fruitful, healing and blessed… but they are often the last ones we want to say. This walk of obedience, learning to curb the harsh words, learning to nurture a kind spirit even towards those who are misunderstanding us… This is our walk in Christ…a blessed transformation. Thank you for your words. They were the Spirit whispering truth, transforming…again.

  • Mpho says:

    Thank you Andy. It made me so glad to read: “What and how we say things are of vital importance to God.” It soothed my sensitiveness.

    Whenever I catch feelings because of how someone said something, there’s a voice that taunts me with YOU ARE BEING TOO SENSITIVE!!! Proverbs 15 empowers me to say No! Because 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾It-Is-Important-To-God it is therefore iMPHOtant to me 😁
    I then prosper when I remember The Word : respond gently… defuse the rage of another AND a calm,patient man…silence strife. #PraiseTheLORD

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