Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…


Researchers say that we make an average of 35000 decisions every day!

No wonder we can suffer from decision fatigue.

The vast majority of those decisions are subconscious, but everyday we make conscious decisions that affect our lives and those around us.


Someone has said, “We are the sum total of our decisions”.


Decision making is one of those struggles that we all face on a regular basis and one of the most important things that we need to master.


Proverbs 16:25

There is a path before each person that seems right,

but it ends in death. (NLT)


The context that this proverb finds itself in, is “Walking with Wisdom”.

Everyone wants to take the RIGHT path – but what seems right, may not be wise! It could lead to death, destruction and disaster. It is one of those scary verses in the Bible.


When it comes to decision making, many people are looking for the RIGHT path instead of the wrong path, yet it seems there is another path that we may not have considered, the WISE path or the path of Wisdom.


Andy Stanley wrote a book called ‘The Best Question Ever” which I have found very helpful.


The Question he poses in the book is this –

“In the light of your past experience, your current circumstances and your future hopes and dreams, what is the WISE thing to do?”


So often we live in the tyranny of the OR.

We only consider two options.

However, there is a reality that there are many different paths that we can take. This and that and that and……


In making a major life decision, always stop and ask yourself the best question ever.


  • Consider the past, reflect on what has gone before. Let’s not repeat the past that has not been helpful and do that which facilitated us growing in God.
  • Ask others to look into our lives and help us see what we can’t see. Get an honest view of our current situations.
  • Recall the promises of God for you and your future. What are the hopes and dreams that God has for you?


Once you have investigated your past, present and future, then ask yourself, “What is the Wise thing to do?” or, “What would Wisdom do?” Which is another way of asking, “What would Jesus do?”

Craig Clark


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  • Makopano Mutloatse says:

    Good words. I notice when I’m close to my Father, I feel at peace even when there are large stressors in my life…I’m not afraid of my decisions. I know I’m guided and guarded…I’m walking the path of wisdom. But when I’ve neglected keeping my heart aligned with my Father, I’m like the wind-tossed wave James refers to. It was beautiful to be reminded on Sunday, wisdom is a person, Jesus. Walking with Him, in His steps, is the way of wisdom and peace. And God gives it so freely. My go-to verse so often is that word from James, ‘ if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who gives freely to all and it will be given him.’ Thank you

  • Mpho says:

    That truely is a great question we are blessed with through Andy Stanley, thank you for the reminder. It does come in handy when I Stop-Twist-Rethink before making decisions. #StepsToGreatness. I pray for Discernment Discernment Discernment to make decisions decisions decisions 💆Amen

  • Gareth says:

    I listened to something recently where the guy was speaking about the millennial and younger generations have a growing problem with indecision. Here are a few of the reasons why:
    1/Too many options. It’s easy to decide between four or five things—you can weigh them
    against each other easily. When you have thousands of options, it’s increasingly difficult to
    make a choice.
    2/The illusion of perfection. While we see every bump, scrape, and bruise in our own lives, we often only see the highlights of everyone else’s. We’re afraid of making imperfect decisions.
    3/ Haven’t developed the skill. Many people just haven’t needed to practice decision-making, because of things like helicopter parenting!
    We can get better at decision-making by practicing!

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