The only clean stable is an empty stable


Oh how I wish that wasn’t true. If only life was clean, and tidy, and manageable. If only the church was easy, tidy, clean, spotless……

Many times I’ve wanted the ‘clean and tidy’ AND the abundant harvest BUT, this timeless truth in the form of this simple illustration, has proved itself over and over again.

Clean and tidy = barren and lifeless

A bit of mess, some cleaning up, some ‘glove-pulling-on’ moments = abundance and LIFE.

Now, when there’s a bit of ‘mess’, I rejoice in the ‘stinky stable’ for I know an OX is at work and an abundant harvest is coming!!

Andy Clark

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  • Kirsty Dewrance says:

    😂 This exact verse jumped out at me! And oh so very true. Rejoicing in the mess today!

  • Kris V says:

    This is so good Andy!
    Reminds me of the “Kakia” preach. 😂
    I also love how we have a Great helper, and comforter to give us wisdom & understanding for those messy times.

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