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“In the same way that gold and silver are refined by fire,

   the Lord purifies your heart by the tests and trials of life.”


Driving back from a normal evenings’ band practice I looked in-front of me, and BANG!!! With only a few milliseconds to swerve out, just enough to avoid a head on collision from another vehicle, all I remember was an airbag in my face, a cloud of smoke while my car spun uncontrollably with the casual thought in my head “oh, this is it, I’m about to die”.



3 cars were written off that evening, thankfully, only minor injuries to each person involved. I have faced many of life’s trials and tests, but this specific one came to mind when reading Proverbs 17, here is why…


I was rostered to lead worship two days after the accident and a few of my friends suggested that it was better that I not sing because of what happened. But God was doing something different within my spirit, He was revealing His goodness, peace and comfort through all of it and He was showing me, that no matter what happens in life’s trials, I can always find joy in Him.


I sang and lead worship as if nothing had happened because I was so overcome by His Goodness, and through relationship with Holy Spirit, God was refining me, just like gold and silver are refined in a fire. We were “born-again” to overcome.


I was scared to start driving again, BUT my conviction outweighs my fear, and my conviction is that God is good. He has always been good, even before the garden of Eden, therefore we can ALWAYS sing, no matter what, knowing He is good.



  • Kris van den Berg




  • Steven Smith says:

    “Love overlooks the mistakes of others, but dwelling on the failures of others devastates friendships.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭17:9‬ ‭TPT‬‬
    Reading this scripture and the story above makes me think of the times where I messed up and people kept on reminding me of those mistakes. There is one specific situation that keeps on coming up with a family member and I have gotten to the point that I would rather not even be in the same company as them because I know that I will be reminded of that failure. It’s like one mistake defines who I am in their eyes. It is hurtful, the relationship is broken. My question now is:
    Who do I remind of their failures? Where am I the one hurting, defining and devastating the relationship?

  • Mpho says:

    ?? That’s right Kris! This blessed me and reminded of something I read yesterday, here tis:

    Yes! Praise. That moment, in the difficult place, your sorrow is turned to Joy, your fret to praise, the outward circumstances change from those of disorder, of chaos to calm.

    The beginning of all reform must be IN yourselves. However restricted your circumstances, however little you may be able to remedy financial affairs, you can always turn to yourselves, and seeing something not in order there, seek to right that.
    As all reform is from within out, you will always find the outward has improved, too. To do this is to release the imprisoned God Power within you.

    That Power, once operative, will immediately perform miracles. Then indeed shall your mourning be turned into Joy.

  • Gareth says:

    Love it that God can use those difficult moments in life to refine us rather than define us!

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