Haste makes waste

There are many things that my Father taught me over the years. One of the things that amazes me is the number of sayings or quotes that he said that I am reminded of at the most opportune time. I remember him on many occasions saying, “Haste is waste, Craig.” I just used to think that it was a quote he picked up from somewhere that he liked to say until I read Proverbs 19:2 one day. Then I realised that he had been quoting the Bible all along.

The Message Bible says, “Haste makes waste”


This proverb has been of tremendous help over the years. I have come to discover that the enemy of heaven loves to put pressure on us to make hasty decisions.  Wants us to make emotional decisions or decisions that have not been thought through with understanding and Wisdom.


This proverb has come in handy in so many occasions, especially when faced with a sales person wanting to sell me something that I also really want or need, (something major). It is in those moments I often hear my dad’s, and my Heavenly Father’s voice saying, “Craig, Haste is waste, sleep on it.” If after a few days, talking it through with Andy, getting peace from God about it, then going ahead with conviction.


I have come to learn that faith in God to give me what heaven wants to provide is way better than rushing headlong into something because I am worried that I will miss out. FOMO is a very real weapon that the enemy uses to waste our resources, time and life.


This proverb is prefaced with, “Rushing into things without understanding is dangerous” NLT footnote


Wisdom brings understanding, and Wisdom is a person, His name is Jesus!

Craig Clark

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