In our home we are not allowed to say that we are starving. But if we do happen to slip up and say that we are starving, we are quickly told off by our 5-year-old daughter.

Beth tells us in no uncertain terms that starving means you haven’t eaten in weeks & if that were the case you would be weak & thin and miserable. It’s rather obvious to her that in our family, we are NOT starving!

But what if she could see my soul? Would she see a strong, fit & healthy soul? Or would she see a weak, miserable & malnourished soul? Is my soul starving?

I have been on a journey over the last few months to strengthen my body, my mind and my soul. One of the practices I’ve put in place to strengthen my body is the ketogenic diet. One of the great side effects of the Keto diet is that I’m not hungry all the time. I stay fuller for longer, even though I’m eating less! Which means, it’s easier to say no to the foods I shouldn’t be eating. Winning!!

Proverbs 27:7 in the passion translation (TPT) says this:

When your soul is full, you turn down even the sweetest honey. But when your soul is starving, every bitter thing becomes sweet.

It got me thinking…. if I fill my body with the “good stuff” it’s easier for me not to be tempted by the “bad stuff”. And so it is with my soul. If I fill my soul with the “good stuff” (the word of God) my soul won’t easily be led astray/tempted by the things in life that will do me more harm than good in the long run.

So I’m asking myself, what is the state of my soul? Is my soul starving? Weak? Malnourished? Or is it full of the word of God & His fresh revelation to me?

Amy Nicholson

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  • Makopano Mutloatse says:

    Such good words. We are sheep who are SO easily distracted, frightened, and misled. Those building His Word into our soul like food…they are such blessed tools..Thank you!

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