Did I really wear that?

Have you ever taken a moment to pull out some old photos of memories from way back when… only to clench your eyes shut and shudder with embarrassment at the cringe-worthy fashion trends you bought into?

Yup… Just as I thought…

Maybe it was a mullet, shoulder pads, bell-bottomed pants, Spice Girl platform shoes, saggy baggy jeans, the popped collar or leopard print everything…

Let’s face it,

we’ve all given ourselves to these horrific fashion trends thinking they were the “bees knees” (to keep things old) only to find that they would last a season, leaving us full of regret for buying in in the first place.

I mean seriously?

What were we thinking?

Sometimes we can think that following Jesus is just a trend. Something to get excited about – here today but gone tomorrow. A momentary high before crashing down to reality, a temporary fix for our problems that always seem to come back.

But is following Jesus really like following a passing fashion trend?

There were some Jews in the book of Acts that actually believed this. There were many leaders of the time that claimed to be great but their movements soon fizzled into nothing. These Jews thought that Jesus would be the exact same – a somebody that would soon become a nobody.

But Acts 5:38-39 shows us just how wrong they were:

38 So in this situation (about Jesus), you should just leave these men to themselves. For if this plan or undertaking originates with men, it will fade away and come to nothing. 39 But if this movement is of God, you won’t be able to stop it.

Because a movement of God it truly is – a plan of love and redemption for a broken world!

For here we sit, over 2000 years later with a current Christ following of 2.4 billon people whose lives have been forever changed by Jesus’ grace, love, compassion, justice, healing, freedom and peace!

Jesus’ kingdom IS unstoppable!

No prison doors can shut it out, no opposition will triumph over it, no suffering can discourage it, no accusation will stand against it, not doubt will shake it, no fear will overshadow it.


Jesus’ kingdom is something to get excited about. Something that we can always be proud of – a trend that stays trendy and keeps growing in “likes”!!!

We’re part of a move of God that is way bigger than ourselves!

I’m all in.

Are you?

Lauren Hollenbach

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