One way

Have you ever been driving peacefully down a quiet stretch of road, minding your own business, on a mission to do what you need to do…. only to have your thoughts rudely disrupted by some other person traveling in the opposite direction? Maybe flashing their lights? Or hooting ? Or yelling profanities in your direction.

At first you wonder if that dude woke up on the wrong side of his bed or something….Until you realize you are headed in the wrong direction on a one way street!

You panic! You slow down! You stop! You make a plan to turn around and head back in the right direction.

In Acts 9 Saul was headed in the wrong direction down a one way street to destruction. Only, he didn’t realize it! He was completely convinced that he was headed in the right direction & for the right reasons. He believed it was his role to end the pesty Christians and their lies about the “so called” messiah.


God had a plan for Saul’s life… but first He needed Saul to realize he was traveling in the wrong direction.

So God flashes His light from heaven….and knocked Saul off his horse! Now he had Saul’s attention!

But instead of yelling profanities, our incredible God spoke kindly to Saul and “updated his GPS” so that Saul could carry on passionately doing the work of the Lord, just this time going in the right direction.


This time pointing people towards the Jesus he encountered on the road & not persecuting His followers.


This encounter reminds me of what repentance should look like in our lives.

We could be headed in the wrong direction in different areas of our lives… without even realizing it. But when God speaks and we realize that we have been wrong – we should stop and change direction – immediately! Because it’s for our own good and in line with our purpose in life.


Have you ever wondered, or even thought about, what areas of your life are you headed in the wrong direction?

Do you need to stop, turn around and proceed in a new direction?

Does God need to kindly update your GPS?


Amy Nicholson

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