The Iron Gate


There are “Iron Gates” before most of us.


The Iron Gate of supreme difficulty –

  • An obstinate circumstance which stops our plans from unfolding
  • Unhealthy habits and patterns
  • Cycles of destructive behaviour
  • Unending debt
  • Relationship issues


Peter was there – sitting chained, guarded by soldiers, behind an iron gate of a cell.


Are you there? Do you feel chained by your circumstances? ‘Guarded’ by people (or yourself?) who are speaking negatively into your life…all the time? Unable to escape.


Today it CAN change.


I think that the most important aspect of this account is found in vs 5

“The church went into a season of intense intercession asking God to free him”

The Greek phrase used here for “intense intercession” means “to stretch tightly in prayer”.


I have been deeply impacted by the story of Kiara MunGavin ( Keep Hope Alive) and it has reaffirmed, reignited and solidified my belief in the prayers of the saints. People all around the world have been ‘stretched tightly in prayer’ for this 13 year old young woman and the miracles that we have witnessed from the hand of God has been stirring – we have all seen the iron gate open.


Jesus has promised to set you free, unchain you, and open the iron gatebut it may require a step of FAITH – like –

  • Acknowledging your chains – ask Christ followers to be ‘stretched tightly in prayer’ for you in specific areas. It is gonna take some courage to admit to others your weakness.
  • Be prepared to be ‘struck on your side’ (vs 7) by Jesus. He wants to awaken your heart. Allow your heart to beat in time with His heart again. The word ‘struck’ in Greek is the same word used for Jesus being ‘struck’ for our sins – Jesus was pierced in His side.
  • Having to ‘get dressed’ (vs 8). Put on your belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation…(Eph 6:14-18). Start believing what God has said is TRUE. It’s time to repent and change how you think. Ask God to help you with your unbelief.
  • Being prepared to follow! Be prepared to leave the chains (which you may be comfortable with – in your misery!), listen for the commands of Jesus, listen to (and obey!) the counsel of Godly friends (where 2 or 3 agree).


“…and the gate swung open all by itself right in front of them!” vs 10


You walk with an invisible Companion who holds the key to all doors.

The Iron Gate CAN open!


Andy Clark

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