Tombstone Inscriptions

What do you want written on your gravestone?

Ever thought of that?


One day a few of us were talking, and this particular topic came up for discussion. What would we like to be written on our gravestones. Now I am not sure that I will have a gravestone because it is likely that I may be cremated instead. But nonetheless, what would I like to be remembered for?

So, without hesitation, I said that I wanted to be remembered in the same way that King David of old was spoken of in Acts 13:6


“He passionately served God’s desires for his generation, then died”


I love that!

Yet, there is only one problem – I may like how that described David, but does that describe me?

David did many great things when he was alive – killed a lion and bear, brought down a big giant with a stone and then chopped his head off! He killed two hundred Philistines just to get the foreskins as a dowry payment for the king’s daughter! And the list goes on and on. Now, I am not wanting to imitate David in what he physically did – lion and bear slaying is not what floats my boat – but imitating the why David did these things is. His reason for being brave and fighting obstacles, his  intentionality – his heart.

He passionately served the desires and purposes of God for his generation.He ran his race, fought his fight, then died.

We only have one life to live and this life is not a dress rehearsal!


When I know the reason, when I can see the purpose of God, when I understand the legacy I can leave for this and future generations – then I can do what David did.


David’s life, Paul’s life, Barnabas’ life – all inspirations for us to diligently seek God and His specific plans and purposes for us as individuals.

It is not for us to do what others do, but for us to passionately serve the purposes of God. The plans and reasons why He put us on this planet at this time, in this generation, is to be His partners here on earth to bring His Kingdom in greater measure for His glory and His honour.


What a graveyard of exciting epitaphs that would make!


Craig Clark

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