Clock In…Clock Out

In the ‘olden days’ (!) companies used the time-card system to ensure regulation of employees and their working hours. I’m not sure how many companies still adhere to this practice.

Whilst it may have ensured ‘time at work’, I am not too sure if productivity or job satisfaction was as successfully monitored. It felt a little like –

Clock in = work, dullness

Clock out = time to PLAY

In our journey through Acts I chatted to a young Brazilian intern who told me the story of her ‘corporate Christianity”.

I grew up in a Pastor’s home. Great home, great parents, good church but…I was a ‘clock-in/clock-out’ kinda Christian! I did my ‘time’ on a Sunday, every Sunday.

In my ‘corporate Christianity’ I felt SO constrained by LAWS.

You CAN’T – do tattoos

 Wear short skirts

Have too much fun

You CAN – be good

Be respectable

Be simple…

I was slowly dying. Those unwritten LAWS were squeezing the LIFE out of me. I looked good, I did good but I had no LIFE. I had no relationship with Jesus. No one really knew what was happening inside me.

But God knew.

He sent a young friend into my life who carried LIFE within her. Her life impacted mine by how she lived and loved me – unconditionally, showing me the Life of Christ. No ‘can and can’t dos’. She was free. She loved Jesus. I wanted THAT.

She introduced me to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I found a freedom that had nothing to do with tattoos, skirt lengths or other ‘stuff’. Now – I am free in Him, to do that which pleases Him and to run into my future with a joy and LIFE that is exciting!”

This simple story is summed up in vs 19

“We should not make it difficult for Gentiles (me and you and our friends) who are turning to God”.

And in vs 11

“We believe that we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus.”

It is not about what we do or not do for Jesus, or how we behave – it’s about what we BELIEVE.


My lesson that I learnt from this young woman and this passage of scripture is that in our multicultural, multi-generational, multi-economic community let us make sure that the requirements for faith are GOD’S not ours!

Let us make it EASY for people to turn to Jesus and impact their worlds!

Clara Dos Santos & Andy Clark

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