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I don’t know about you, but I hate ‘Stop and Go’s’, especially on a long trip. Waiting on the side of the road for all the cars coming in the opposite direction is very frustrating for me. In the construction of new roads or the upgrading of old ones, there is very often a few Stop/Go’s one after the other. It is hurry up and wait. Something that I don’t do well at.


One thing that I have had to learn in my adventure in following Christ, is to obey the stops and go’s of the Holy Spirit, as He knows best.

Through the Book of Acts we see the Holy Spirit directing the explosion of the church. At the end of the Gospel of Luke, chapter 24:46, we see Jesus gathering the disciples and giving them a specific “GO into all the nations” command. But, in the first chapter of Acts, we see Jesus say, “Go, and wait…”

Acts 1:4b Jesus instructed them, “Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait here until you receive the gift I told you about, the gift the Father has promised.

Go/Wait, must have been frustrating. You just receive this amazing purpose and plan from God, ‘GO into all the world’, then you get, ‘first wait here until . . .’

In Chapter 16, we see another moment where the Holy Spirit is directing Apostle Paul and his band of missionaries. They are travelling through a region and the Holy Spirit is blocking them from going into certain places. Then, all of sudden, in the middle of the night, Paul has a vision –

Go to Macedonia.


Immediately Paul obeys. When they arrive in Philippi, they have a divine connection with Lydia, a businesswomen who deals in expensive purple cloth.
The key verse is 14, “God opened her heart”.

As Paul shared the wonderful Gospel with her, God moves within her heart. Her heart is opened to Christ, she gets baptised and immediately opens her home to Paul and his friends. Open hearts lead to open homes.

Paul and his band of travellers then stayed in that city and God began to open the city to the Gospel. Even though there was difficulty and suffering, the city was opened and a church was planted.
Open hearts lead to open homes, which leads to open cities for God to move and people reached with the Gospel.

Next time you find yourself at a Stop/Go in your journey with God – remember – God’s timing is perfect. He is about to open great things before you for His glory and honour. Allow God to open your heart, open your home and see the Gospel transform a city.

Craig Clark

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