Because I said so……..

Wow! Those words bring back memories of when I was a child, and if you are honest,

I am almost 100% sure you heard them too ?.

Being a bit “older” and “wiser” and being a parent of 2 children, only now do I understand the exact meaning behind those words.

Other than the fact that it’s WAY easier to just say “because I said so “, versus giving the full explanation as to why I just said what I said – it’s about your children having to just TRUST what you are saying and OBEY.

They need to have FAITH that we know what is best for them.

Does this also sound familiar? YES!! This is exactly what God is asking of us! His children!

The giving and the taking of advice Acts 21:1-40

Again, just as we as parents teach our children right from wrong every day, giving them guidance and advice. God does the EXACT same thing for us!

And yet we do not always listen, even when we hear what God wants us to do!


Maybe God should just shout out, “Because I said so!”… we might just listen more??


Maybe we should all have more courageous faith like Paul did in Acts!

Here is a perfect example of trusting and obeying;

“I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”

Acts 21:13

Paul took his commitment to Jesus very seriously. So much so, he insisted on walking, boldly in obedience, toward prison and hardship.Turning a deaf ear to the persistent warnings of other believers. Nothing would stop him from obeying what God wanted him to do next.

Even outside influences.


The “outside influence” of school friends can influence your child in a way you do not agree with. Your child starts to do or say things that make you worry as a parent and you can’t understand that after everything you have taught your child , laying down a good foundation, how it can take just  few friends to stray them from the path you so beautifully prepared for them.

If my child would just have faith in me as a parent, believe me when I say I know what’s best for them and why I place certain rules, then peace would rule.

Again, does this sound familiar. God knows what is best for us, guides us, and yet we, as adults, can be easily influenced by the outside world.

Who will we please and what will we do?


In our lives it will probably happen at one time or another when we will have to make

decisions that are not popular with our friends and loved ones, BUT, hopefully like Paul, we will have determination to move forwards towards what God wants us to do.

So, when you get direction from God, and when you read what the Bible expects of you,

instead of overcomplicating and over thinking things, coming up with excuses, being fearful or having self-interest; maybe just remember these words……

“Because I said So”


We need to remember that God’s foresight is perfect, and His plans always have a purpose.

“Lord, let me hear Your voice, teach me to walk in obedience. Help me to follow You, even when others don’t want us to. Teach me to rely not upon the arm of the flesh but upon the arm of the Spirit.”

Lee Ann

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