Receive Miracle Power.

Let me tell you a secret – not a well kept one but one that is in my mind at times –

I want to be the Minister of Education.

I want to influence the way this nation views education.

I want to be a decision maker, a person of influence. I am sure that I can do a better job than whoever is in that position right now. I have grandiose ideas of my talents and skills.

But…. if I’m honest – it’s never gonna happen (sad emoji face).

Why, you may ask? I even know the answer.


Because I have not received miracle power from God for it. He has not spoken that word to me. It’s what I want, but I have submitted my ‘wants’ to His Word.


Acts 23 opens with “Paul fixed his eyes on the members of the council and said, “My brothers, up to this day I have lived my life before God with a perfectly clear conscience.” (vs 1)

Sounds quite lofty – before the “council” – Paul must be important in order for him to get an audience with ‘the council’. Makes me a little jealous really!

But – as we know, this verse has a context and chapter 22 needs to be read before this one verse.

Paul has nearly been torn apart – literally – by soldiers with ropes stretching him (WHAT?) in front of men screaming and shouting at him (ok, not quite so jealous now!). His dreadful circumstances, which are not his fault, are what brings him into this important place. I whisper quietly to myself – am I prepared for that in my grand dreams?


More screaming and shouting ensue – this orchestrated by Paul (!) – until Paul is removed from the crowd just in case he gets torn apart (vs 10) and is imprisoned – again.

That night God speaks –

“Receive miracle power.

For just as you have spoken for me in Jerusalem,

You will also speak for me in Rome.” vs 11


One word from God and Paul knows that he is going to be put before the most powerful people in the land at that time. But – plots, secret travels, letters, night escapades and palace guard are the interim steps before Paul sees this word from God fulfilled!


One Word from God. Miracle Power!


What “Word” are you living your life on?

Is it the word of your parents? The word of your hopes and dreams? The word of your friends? The word of your past? The word of your boss, spouse, twitter?


Do you need that Miracle Power? That Word from God is what will give it to you and  sustain you. That is the word that will bring you into your purpose in spite of difficulties or impossibilities.

Paul was put before Governors, High Priests, Kings because of the Miracle Power Word of God.


Is this the time that we become world changers? Let’s allow Jesus, the Miracle Word of God, to speak to us in order to set us before the kings of the earth to impact the course of history. Let us allow Him, the orchestrator of all things to set into motion that which He has purposed. Let’s LISTEN for the miracle power of the Word of Jesus to us individually, so that, we can be the right people in the right place for the right reasons in the right seasons!


Andy Clark (with inspiration from Kevin Clark)

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