Paul is one of my favourite characters in the Bible.

Like Paul, I too was once against Christians.

I persecuted them for their faith, I judged how they thought they were better than me, I denied Jesus, I even went as far as trying to convince others that there was no God…………


Until my life was drastically changed.


Just when I thought there was no way out of my drug addiction, brokenness, unemployment and loneliness, Jesus revealed His Love to me.


When you have an encounter with Jesus, you want to share it with the world. You want every person who is far from God to experience the love and acceptance that only He can give.


That was me…..


I invited all my friends to church. I invited family members who were far from God to church. I spoke to friends of friends about how my life was dramatically changed. I told everyone!

Some of them loved what I had to say, but unfortunately others turned away from me even more than before. I watched friends drop off one by one. People began to think I was a little ‘weird’ and started telling lies about me.


The world can make you feel a little crazy sometimes. People and circumstances can make you question your own faith. People with different views to you will make up lies about you and what you believe in – and…

The light in your life begins to dim…


This is where I want to be more like Paul….

Even though the Jews were telling lies about Paul and were convinced he had done wrong towards them….


“Paul replied, “I am standing here before Caesar’s tribunal. This is where I should be tried. As you well know, I have done no harm to the Jews. If I have committed a crime worthy of death, I won’t seek to escape the death penalty. But if none of their charges are true, no one has the right to hand me over to them. I appeal to Caesar!””

Acts 25:10-11 TPT


Paul stood his ground, his faith was not swayed …..not even for a second. He fought for what he believed in. He repeatedly stood before the city’s high priests, rulers and Kings revealing the truth.


What if we were as passionate as Paul?


What if we had the opportunity to stand in front of ministers, presidents or Kings because of our faith.


Would the worldly lies creep in, or will you be like Paul – stand your ground and proclaim the good news?


Jessica Smith

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