State Your Case

Acts 26:1 “King Agrippa said to Paul, “You may now state your case.” Paul motioned with his hand for silence, then he began his defense.”


Paul was an educated man, highly educated, yet all he did in his defense of the Gospel was to recount the story of his life (vs 4-23). In that account he says these words “So I’m standing here saying the same thing that I’ve shared with everyone, from the least to the greatest.” (vs 22).

I’m not sure what prevents you from ‘stating your case’ when defending the Gospel or your belief in God or the Good news of Jesus. Is it because you are not clever enough, eloquent enough or just feel like you are not worth it? Do you feel like you are ‘the least’?


The circumstances of your birth may not be as grand as that of Paul, you may feel inferior or have a disability. That is no surprise to God.


I would like to introduce you to a young man – Gari – not his real name as he is a minor and in the welfare system of South Africa.

This young man was taken in by a Babies home as an infant. The circumstances surrounding his birth can’t be disclosed but the condition of this beautiful babe when he entered the home was dire. He was sick, malnourished, underdeveloped (7 months old and 6 months delayed).This young boy defied the odds. God placed His gracious hand on him and he began to thrive.

Gari still needed special education as a child, which was given to him but even with the intervention there were still many gaps that have not been able to be rectified. We watched him become aimless, distressed, nearly forgotten – feeling disabled.


Yet God…. in His infinite kindness has brought a miracle out of a painful place.

Here is an excerpt (non abridged) from his devotional that he wrote for you to read from Acts 26:


“I was raiesd in a childrens home called ‘b…….o’ from there i was adopted. befor  i met christ i was in a dark place i hade no direction and felt no worth to qestion why am i am here  at a young age i strated going to church but never understood why chrch was so important…..

i attened youth called blaze. but also did’t realy know who god was to me.

i heard a voice saying that i am forgiven  i am a new creation in christ frowm that moment i put my faith in god and encounted gods abundent love and my life changed…my whole-inerself changed forever i realised my perpose and my caling from god he gave me couage to face any storm that comes in life and i am now a changed pearson

.reading act 26 : has made me more awere of god love and understanding my value and my why and haveing a heart for what god did for me

coming to across a passage in acts 26 : saying now get up and stand on your feet i have apperaed to you to appoint you as a servent and a wittness of what you have seen and will see

reading this opened my eyes to see gods wonders and  perpose in my life and now i am a transformed man and i am abel to share the gospel to peple around the city because of what god has done for me”


This young man has found his ability. He states his case for Christ with a confidence many others would not have attempted – writing a blog for people with better education, better birth circumstances. How intimidating – yet it can have a profound effect on us – if we see the miracle of a life transformed.


Come on – it is time!

No matter what…

State your case for Christ.


Andy Clark and Gari

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