The Power of 10: Open Homes

The Parable of Life

I have found over the years God teaches me things through what I call “The Parable of life”. This is simply, “what is God saying to me through the things happening around me?”. I so often find myself facing challenges and difficult situations. When I step back to consider them, I hear God speaking to me through the things that life is throwing at me.

Recently I found myself in one of those situations and I began to hear the Spirit of God whisper. My observations were that I know more people who have died from non-Covid related reasons in these last few months than from contracting Covid. Now, I am not saying people have not died from this virus. Rather it was interesting to note how many have died from causes unrelated to Covid. Now, while many may not have had the Covid Virus, we have ALL experienced the devastating effects that have been brought about to our environments, especially the unseen ones.

My question to God was, “Lord help me see what you are seeing?”

Isolation and Loneliness

I was having a conversation with Alicia, a Psychiatrist from our church, and she said that “people who were in therapy prelockdown had done better through lockdown than many that were not in any type of therapy”. This led me to ask her what she thought was the number one emotion that most people are facing during this season. Without hesitation, she answered: “Anxiety”. I did some research and found that isolation and loneliness are the greatest tributaries leading to anxiety

isolation and loneliness are the greatest tributaries leading to anxiety

In researching the effects of isolation and loneliness, I was astonished to find how they can lead to many types of disease and premature mortality. One study by Harry Taylor, cited that “the mortality effect of social isolation is like smoking 15 cigarettes per day” 

I have been giving much thought to the immediate future. What is wise for us as a church at this time? It has been interesting to hear from many, that they are not missing being in the building, but rather, being together. The fellowship. So many have been saying, “I miss being with God’s people”.

The Power of 10

Now, back to my parable of life. I began to have this phrase rise within me: “The Power of 10”. I could not shake it and began to realise that God was trying to say something to me. The government now allows us to meet in homes of up to ten people. I began to think: What if the church meets in homes? Not home churches, but the church beginning to get out of our isolation and begin meeting in homes.

What if open homes led to open cities?  What if we began to open our homes and invite fellow believers to begin to be the church that meets but in our homes for now? What if we began to invite our friends and neighbors to join us in our homes and experience church like never before? What potential lies in the Power of 10?

The Church

Many have loved the flexibility of experiencing church anytime and anywhere. I think that will be something that has changed forever.

I believe the Church at its core is community of called out believers. A community called on a mission to reach those far from God. Called to gather together and to to minister to one another, growing in maturity to be The Body of Christ on earth.

We know that isolation leads to decline in spiritual health. If loneliness can lead to early death, then spiritually we need to combat that with the opposite action. The danger of drift is that lethargy sets in.

As much as there are dangers, challenges and difficulties, I believe there are incredible possibilities for a better future. God is working all this for the Good.

So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. Romans 8:28 TPT

I believe we could reach more people by inviting them into our homes than inviting them to a building. We have a brilliant online experience. To host people in your home, all you have to do is have a TV, Internet and click!

This is what I would like you to do:

Pray about opening your home to invite your friends, neighbours, family and fellow believers to join you on a Sunday sometime. You can decide when that is, and just start by inviting a few people into your home THIS Sunday!

If you do not have a home that has a TV, internet or if you are unable to host, then I want you to pray about leaving your home to be with other believers in a home near you. Inviting your friends and family to join you there!

Imagine 10 Hearts open: 10 People spending 10 minutes a day becoming healthy souls. Imagine 10 people gathering together once a week in open homes, anytime with friends and family to experience fellowship, God’s Word preached and Worship together. Imagine multiplying that by 10, and then multiplying that by 10 cities. Imagine revival happening in our homes, our cities, our world!



We’re trusting to have 100 homes open this Sunday as we kick off the Power of 10, and the best part is, you can be anywhere in the world to open your home and invite others to join you.  Where ever you are, let would you let us know here , so that we can be praying for you, partnering with you, supporting you and learning from you as we pioneer the #powerof10


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