The Power of 10: Hold Your Line


If you’ve every cycled in a peloton, you may have heard someone say “Hold your line!”. This means to commit to the ‘line’ or ‘path’ that you are on, and avoid making any unpredictable or sudden changes in direction. Not holding the line puts riders around you at risk of crashing.  When you’re riding at high speed and a rider in front of you decides to cut in front of you, there is no time to adjust course, and it ends badly for everyone! I guess you’ve seen a video of this happening in a peloton – ouch!

Now, another saying is to “Pick your line”. Picking your line is about choosing your angle of approach especially when coming in to a corner.  If you pick a line that is to sharp, you may crash on the inside of the corner, and if you pick a line that is too wide, you risk overshooting the corner. Picking the right line is really important, but You can only pick your line if you are out in front.   Once the line has been picked,  you have to hold the line. If you’re in the middle or the back of the pack, you have to go with the line that has been picked by those leading the charge.


I found the timing of Level 1 so ironic. We went from meeting in buildings in March, to planning to meet in homes, to fully online at the start of lockdown level 5. Just we announced a move-out celebration at our Centurion building and launched Powerof10, the president announced a relaxation on legislation for large gatherings!  My immediate thoughts were “Have we got this wrong??” “Should we retract our notice on the building?”

I had read Proverbs 16 the day before the announcement and what I had written in my journal suddenly began to make more sense, especially this part: (Prov 16:3-4a TPT)

Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed. The Lord works everything together to accomplish his purpose.

Praying this through the next morning and talking with Amy, we felt a strong impression to “hold your line”. I shared this with the elders, and it resonated.

Urban Life is a church that is a signpost of things to come, a pioneering people who are brave enough to go first. That means we get to “pick our line”.  Often, that line will look different to what others are doing.  However, there is courage in my heart that we hold the line that we have picked for this next season: The Power of 10 – people gathering in homes to experience the church together, and not rushing back to meeting in big groups just yet.

I’m not saying we crush every decision every time, but where there is unity, God’s blessing is commanded (Ps133). So, together, let’s hold the line direction we have set, and watch God establish these plans over this next season! It’s time to rebuild community and relationships, and we believe that for now, this is going to be best worked out in homes to the #powerof10




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