Battle ready!

Long before the enemy attacks your heart – he will shut your mouth!

This statement made by Craig this past Sunday stopped me in my tracks and had me going “ooohhh, that’s what happened!”

I realised that there was a time during lockdown when I allowed this to happen. That there were times over this past difficult and challenging season that enemy SHUT ME UP. Craig’s statement was in reference to our praise.  I stopped praising God and started to focus on all that was difficult and stressful about 2020. While my defenses where down the enemy sailed right in and attacked my heart. Right to the very core of my being! How on earth did I let that happen?

When our mouth is not praising God our heart is more open to attack. Now I know that many of us have said over this lockdown period that we miss corporate worship. And somewhere along the line my home or private worship slowed down without me noticing. Longing for what I didn’t have in worshipping as the church, I stopped worshipping altogether!

How often does that happen? We are so busy looking at what we don’t have that we forget or neglect what we do have. We have the weapon of worship at our disposal day and night and yet we let it lie dormant.

As we look at the topic of winning in life as a church, Craig reminded us that even though we talk about winning in life, life is most certainly not a game. It is in fact, a battle! We are not prepared for battle when we have not prepared our hearts. Preparing our hearts can simply look like singing praises to God.

I certainly do not want to go into battle unarmed and unprepared anymore. So I am choosing to prepare my heart more carefully, more intentionally. I am choosing to sing, to praise, to have music on in the background while I work. I am choosing to lift my eyes from all that went wrong or that is hard and fix my heart to the future through declaring the goodness of God.

We put together a worship playlist for you with songs we have been singing as a church. We trust it will encourage you and help you prepare your hearts to be battle ready!

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