Our mission is to make it easy for people to turn to God and impact the world.  (Acts 15:19, Eph 2:10) We do this through 4 areas:

1) Know God through our weekend experiences.

2) Grow in freedom through Groups.

3) Discover Purpose through Starting Point.

4) Go and make a difference in the world through serving!


We have 6 core and 3 aspirational values, they are (in that order):

Cultivating Honour  We put God first. We’re seen, celebrated, noticed and known by a great God. We love to honour Him by giving him the first of our time, talents and treasures! We honour each other in that same way, recognising the intrinsic value of each person. By esteeming others, we esteem God. So we’re committed to putting people above position, possessions and prestige.

Creating Excellence  We’re content but not complacent. We’re ordinary people serving an extraordinary God who calls us to be conduits of His glory. We use our strengths remarkably and inspirationally, doing the best we can with what we have. Always seeking to write a better story with our lives, we live with the humility that invites others to edit us.

Serving Humanity We’re a harbour of hope. We do all we can to change the atmosphere of our city through generous justice, kindness and community. We’re both a refuge and a resource for the Kingdom of God: receiving, restoring and sending out the brave and the broken.

Uniting in Diversity We see community through gospel-tinted glasses. We’re a kaleidoscope of cultures gathered gladly under the banner of love, enjoying the textures of our diversity. We’re a people transformed and united by the good news of Jesus.

Unlocking Potential We’re unravelling the God-dreams stitched into our DNA. We love to make the most of what God has created people to be, maximizing the unique space and scope He has given us to become our best selves.

Pioneering the Future We’re brave enough to go first. We’re willing to be used by God to forge the future. We’re a people who lead courageously: disrupting the present to step into what He has set before us, and willing to give up much to take hold of more.

Fun We serve a joyful God. Like the Father who delights in us, we never want to lose our sense of wonder. We take what we do seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Pain is inevitable but misery is optional, and we’re a grateful people who celebrate often and well.

Freedom We’ve been liberated.  We’re committed to living like the unshackled people we really are. We follow Jesus freely, not religiously. Our obedience is a grateful surrender to His ways, not a ticking of compulsory boxes.

Simplicity We aim at clarity for comprehension.  We’re determined to navigate the deep waters of complexity, and land on the shores of simplicity. We’re charged to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. There’s no app for that. It’s just all of us, for all of Him.