The Power of 10:

Missing community? No one likes to be lonely. We weren’t made to do life in isolation. Research shows that isolation and loneliness are really bad for health and life expectancy! God created us to depend on one another and to carry each other’s burdens, and this season has been full of burdens for so many people.  Anxiety, fear, and change can push us to withdraw from people even more, which is why we really need connection and community!

Open Hearts x Open Homes = Open Cities!

What if you began to host a church experience in your home? This is a great way to build community, and reach people who need to encounter Jesus.

All you need is an open heart to open your home, and either an internet connection, laptop / smart TV, or simply a DVD player. You can stream the church experience live or engage at a later time on demand, or collect a DVD from us.

Under lockdown level 2 legislation in South Africa, you are permitted to host up to 10 friends or family members in your home. As we move to Level 1, this restriction could be lifted, but let’s start with 10!

We believe that great potential lies in the gathering of people – the POWER of 10! Open hearts, open homes, open cities!

This is church for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

You can be absolutely anywhere in the world to be part of this, you don’t have to be in South Africa (maybe where you are the 10 person limit doesn’t apply 🙂 )

If you’d like to be part of this adventure, kindly complete the form below!


Watch the full message here and read about the Power of 10: Open Homes and the Power of 10: Open Hearts. Also, check out our Power of 10: Worship Selection YouTube Playlist!

We’d love to specifically PRAY for you, PARTNER with you, and SUPPORT you in every way that we can!